About the Author:

Usually these are written in the third person. I’d like to change that convention. I am a spinner of stories, a writer with more than thirty years of experience as an advocate for people who are differently abled.

Several years ago, I decided to write a series of books featuring characters who are differently abled, using person-centered language. “Remembering the Way” is the first of the books to be published. I have several other books in the pipeline.

The conventional storyline begins with a diagnostic-centered statement such as; “John is autistic. He has social anxiety and a fear of loud noises. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, he has managed to find useful, meaningful work as a website content editor.” This creates an image of someone engaged in a constant battle to overcome disability. I try, whenever possible, to use person-centered language. For example, “John likes banjo music, doing crossword puzzles and playing video games. He has a photographic memory and a passion for baseball statistics. He works in the IT department of the local University. John has an autism spectrum disorder.” This wording creates an image of a person with abilities. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. As the parent of two amazing and talented adults, who happen to have autism spectrum disorders, I would like to encourage you to think about the ways we have been conditioned to speak about others and ourselves.

I enjoy spinning yarn as well as narratives, and am a lifelong knitter. I have a degree in Art with a minor in Social Justice from Guilford College. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I defied convention early on, racing quarter midgets at age four. My early career goals included being an outfielder for the San Francisco Giants.

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