Person Centered Language

I am an advocate of Person Centered Language.

In trying to describe a PERSON, I feel it is important to focus on the attributes and unique characteristics that identify them as an individual.

For instance, I might start with the person’s NAME, their particular passions, and how I might best remember them.

“Ralph plays the banjo in a local music group. He is in his mid-thirties, tall and lanky with a quick smile and an almost endless knowledge of popular music from the 20th century. After hearing only a few stanzas, Ralph can tell you who the artist was, where it was recorded, the record label and which movies used it as background music. He’s very attached to a particular pink Ralph Lauren button down shirt. He owns half a dozen of them, in case they ever go out of production.”

If Ralph chooses to identify as an Aspie, ( a person with Asperger’s syndrome) and prefers to introduce himself that way, then I would certainly add that to the description, after asking him where he would prefer it in the bio.

“How would you like me to introduce you, Ralph?”

Words, and the order in which we use them, are important.


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