My first podcast interview!

Thanks to my dear friend Rachael Herron, I was a guest on a podcast this week. I’ll post a link here when it is live.

UPDATE: The podcast is here.

Rachael and I figured out that we’ve known each other since 2002 or so, when we were reading and writing knitting blogs. So many amazing friendships have been born from those early years of blogging, carried on in person and online and places like Instagram and Twitter.

I wore a sweater I knit last year, and lipstick (in case my Mother sees it) while I set up Skype on my iPad and tried not to be nervous.

Once I started chatting with Rachael though, the time went by so quickly I couldn’t believe it. There were so many things I forgot to say….

NanoWriMo started today, and I got my 1707 words written in less than two hours. I was really ¬†excited for this year’s contest to begin.